Guidance for the ISPRS GeoSpatial Week(GSW2017)- A must for you!

The 2017 ISPRS Geospatial Week co-hosted by the International Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing and Wuhan University will be held from September 18, 2017 to September 22, 2017 at the Wuhan East Lake International Conference Center. Ten significant topics in the Geospatial area will be discussed during the event. We outline the major information for you to help you get a whole picture about these topics. Here we also provide you with instructions on the GSW arrangements, including check-in and payment issues.
1. Follow the releasing channels of official information
There are generally some official information releasing channels for International conferences, such as the websites and conference guidebooks. If the organizers have sufficient budget, they will possibly send texts or emails to inform the participants, and disseminate related information through cooperating media both inside and outside the venue to the public.

All the information about the GSW is available on the official website.
Guidebook for GSW2017: We recommend you to download it on the website in advance. You can also get one when you are checking in.

The organizers will inform the participants of important information by phone texts, websites releases, and emails.

In addition, you can also browse relevant reports on our co-organizing media partner:

2. Confirm the payment and know the overall layout of the venue as well as the exact time to check in.

(1) The conferences generally require people who register to finish the payment, so the participants must make sure that they have successfully paid.

Please use your payment QR Code to finish on-site check-in. All QR Codes are needed if you have more than one orders.  
GSW2017 provides three ways of payments: by Wechat, by Alipay, or through bank transfers. You can choose to pay by any way suitable to you.
In the meanwhile, for those who prefer to pay on site after the registration, make sure to take enough cash with you in case that other ways of payment are not accepted by the organizers. Get yourself clear of the acceptable ways of payment.
As for GSW2017 on-site payment, five ways are available: UnionPay, Wechat, Alipay, Cash of RMB, and Cash of US dollars.

(2) Get yourself clear of the check-in issue

You can only enter the venue regularly after you have successfully checked in with the confirmation of your payment. This is an important section. So that the participants must be very clear of when and where to check in and the contact of on-site organizers they can turn to for help.

Date Time Place Is on-site registration or payment acceptable?
Sept. 17th 14:00-18:00 Temporary reception area at  the East Lake International Conference Center No
Reception of Chutian Guangdong International Hotel Yes
Reception of Binhu Hotel ,Wuhan No
Reception of Hongyi Hotel No
Sept.9th - Sept. 22nd 08:00-17:00 Reception Area at the East Lake International Conference Center Yes

You can turn to the information desk at the reception area for help if you meet any problem at the East Lake International Conference Center.

(3) Layout and Schedule

Several workshops will be held during the academic conference. Therefore you must choose speeches or presentations that really interest you. You need also be clear of the layout of the venue so that you can easily move to another workshop and will not miss these in which you are interested.

Layout of the workshop venues

Schedule for the workshops

3. Know the exact time for the keynote speakers and invited speakers to deliver speeches and give presentations of their articles.

These speeches and presentations are the core part of an academic conference. You must know very clearly about such information and make an appropriate arrangement for your participation because there will be many workshops when the conference starts and you may fail to tell which workshops are really to your taste.
So it is of great importance for you to know the research areas of the speakers and the topics of their speeches ahead of time. You can get the exact time of their speeches in the Guidebook. The speakers will deliver their speeches in one to eight conference halls and the article presentations will also be conducted at the same places. And the articles will be posted between 14:00 and 17:30 on September 20th in the A5 area.

4. Know the prefect time for major social activities

You must know very clearly about time for the welcome banquet, banquet for exhibitors, social activities, and tea breaks (A3 and A4 areas). Fees for some activities are covered by your registration payment while some need you to pay extra money to attend. 

Several social activities will be arranged by GSW2017, including dinner on a cruise ship over the Yangtze River and its branch the Hanjiang River (20:00-22:00, Sept.20) which shall be paid additionally. As for the welcome banquet, you can attend it free of charge. Find more details on the Guidebook of the conference.

5.Know the exhibition area and the exhibitors

You must know the exhibition area clearly no matter you are going to seek for products or solutions, or job opportunities. You should read the list of exhibitors to find those that attract you. The exhibition area stretches from areas B01 to B26.
In addition, remember to take enough business cards with you.
I am sure after reading through this guidance, you already become an experienced participant of academic conferences. And you will definitely get what you want from GSW2017. The 3sNews will follow up the event and report the updates in time for you.


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