Fabio Rocca

Fabio Rocca, (Dr. Ing. Electronics, 1962)  is emeritus Professor of Telecommunications at the Politecnico di Milano, where he started in 1963. Co-founder of two technological companies: Tele-Rilevamento Europa and Aresys, both spin off companies of Politecnico di Milano.

In seismic prospecting for oil, he studied multichannel filtering, interpolation of faulted surfaces, migration in the frequency domain,  bistatic and multistatic processing, non-linear deconvolution. In Synthetic Aperture Radar he first used  seismic migration for focusing, and jointly proposed the use of Permanent Scatterers. He is currently working on the design of bistatic and geosynchronous SAR systems, Polarimetric Tomography, and on airborne radar systems.

Former member (1993÷2016) of the Scientific Advisory Groups of the European Space Agency for the radar satellites ERS, Envisat, Sentinel–1, BIOMASS, and currently of the Earth Sciences Advisory Committee.  In cooperation with LIESMARS,  Wuhan University, he participates from 2004  to the Chinese European space research programs Dragon (1 ÷ 4),  sponsored by ESA and by NRSCC.       

Prof. Rocca  is Past President of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (1987), Honorary Member of the Society of Exploration  Geophysicists  (1989) and of the EAGE (1998). In 2001, Doctor Honoris Causa in Geophysics from the Institut Polytechnique de Lorraine. 2009 EAGE  Erasmus award, 2012 ENI Prize for New Frontiers for Hydrocarbons (shared with A. Ferretti, CEO of TRE), 2013 Chinese Government International Scientific Technological Cooperation Award.


Prof. Rocca coauthored more than 300 publications and participates to 12 patents.


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